Recruit Easy(Lieyi) has years of experience in executive search with efficient team, can provide enterprises with professional and efficient RPO services.

We can provide enterprises with business module overall outsourcing services, such as: R&D team overall outsourcing, call center outsourcing  as a whole, regional sales team outsourcing, recruiting team construction and outsourcing and so on.

Facing the double pressure of cost and efficiency, the biggest challenge for talent acquisition is not only to recruit talents. It’s more important to accomplish the objective in the shortest given time, in turn attaining competitive advantage. In addition, the precise transformation of the HR department will help HR to alleviate daily operational tasks, and allow it to focus on the strategic module.

As the pioneer of introducing Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) to China, Career International is truly dedicated to helping clients optimize their hiring process, control hiring cost, and improve hiring efficiency in a bid to become your business partner to achieve talent advantage.


Service Line


•End to End RPO

- Offer customized recruiting solutions for your unique business requirements.

- Manage all talent acquisitions to help clients as the strategic business partner.

- Monitor your integral recruitment process to function effectively and efficiently.

- Utilize every talent-sourcing channel to fulfill your long-term talent goal.

•On-demand Recruitment Service

- Accommodate flexible recruiting solutions for your current business requirements.

- Manage your temporary mass recruiting requisitions to help you tackle business challenges for development.

- Corporate with your recruitment team to execute mass recruiting with CI proprietary candidate database and multiple sourcing channels.

- Strong corporative agilities to achieve your various talent acquisitions.


Service Value


•Enhance Recruitment Efficiency

Based on our Suzhou RPO service center, which is the largest in Asia, our professional recruitment channel management team and the senior consultants are fully capable of locating great talent and gratifying the needs of clients.

•Reduce Recruitment Costs

Through performing best practices, replacing the fixed cost system with a variable price system, conducting long-term cooperation, the client’s recruitment costs can becompressed by approximately 30% via the RPO model.

•Reduce Operational Risk

The integration of various resources, including a database of candidates, recruitment channels to respond to the fluctuating market demand, we help clients to minimize the operational risk.

•Eliminate Daily Administrative Tasks

Transfer the non-essential daily administrative tasks to us via the RPO service; HR team can focus on the organizational strategy and concentrate on development plans for other key functions.

•Obtain the Best Recruitment Systems and Technology

We provide the cloud recruitment platform to manage the process, conduct real-time monitoring of recruitment status allowing clients to book customized weekly and monthly reports to analyze the space for improvement and potential risks during hiring process.




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