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About Us

Recruit Easy: human resource service leading company! Professional for the IPO companies,  Fortune Global 500 companies, pre-IPO growth companies to provide quality executive search service, senior management personnel dispatch services, employee background investigation, career planning, management consulting and other services!


We specialize in the field of fast moving consumer goods, real estate, clothing, etc.


We tread: the financial, biological medicine, health care products, cosmetics, automobile manufacturing, machinery, electronics, hospitals, IT/communication, real estate, landscaping, business, tourism, catering, retail chain, consulting, media, advertising, etc.


For a long time, we require careful and meticulous work to provide a high standard of service for enterprise clients, and to provide reasonable career development planning and work Suggestions for senior personnel to provide.

We promote the progress of the society through the way of constantly improving the level of our work every day.

We are in progress every day!


Corporate Philosophy

Company positioning: "People-centered", "enterprise and talent value all promoted" as the goal of system services, become a professional & systematic consulting service provider.


Mission: To provide continuous, high quality and effectiveness of services for the long-term development of the enterprises and  talents


Vision: To become a sustainable, continuous improving enterprise.


Core values: Integrity, pragmatic, excellence, continuous innovation, Serving Clients.


Management idea: To be the consultant of enterprises and talents in the long term, to be on the way of internationalization, specialization and quality, assist enterprises grow, assist the talent value enhancement.


Service concept: We absorb the essence of the domestic and international first-class headhunting service enterprises, accurately analyze and define the need of clients; To adapt to the changes in the environment and continue to innovate and progress, to provide executive search consulting services in a whole new way.


The company advantage

Large pool of talents:

Recruit Easy(Lieyi), established the first domestic talent bank, accumulated hundreds of thousands of talents through years of hard work, maintains and updates the database, many well-known enterprises and headhunting companies become our member. We classify the talent pool actually and establisht an evaluation and tracking system for the vital talents to ensure that the talents we recommend can really creat values for enterprises!!


Redundent successful cases:

Recruit Easy(Lieyi) provides successful executive search services, reference check and talent bank for numerous big domestic and international companies. We grow and temper ourselves, summarize and accumulate a wealth of experience through these cases.


Excellent executive search consultant team:

Consultant is the most precious resources for executive search firm. The service quality depends on the ability, experience, and the consciousness of the executive search consultants. Our consultants have many years of industry experience and good reputation, with solid information mining capacity, personnel selection and investigation ability  and high sense of responsibility. Recruit Easy(Lieyi) attaches great importance to the cultivation of the consultant, and constantly promote  consultant ability and professional quality. Our company's core consultants are shareholders or partners, with common interests to ensure a high standard of service and maintain the stability of the core team. 


Large special adviser network:

Our company's special adviser team are from HR, domestic well-known company executives and human resources professional research institutions. Their research of industries, functions and the structure of the organization cand provide adequate professional support for the selection of senior personnel and ensure the matching of candidates and clients' requirements.


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