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Recruit Easy(Lieyi) is the  earliest executive search company which separately runs the employee background check services. Now we have more than 10 10 professional staff working on background investigation who can undertake big customers and projects. Through years of development, we accumulate rich experience and background investigation skill, can do a more  objective background check on one's work experience, professional quality, the advantages and disadvantages, and to avoid that the companies hires the wrong person, spend unnecessary money and cause huge losses.  

Employee Background Check

There will be economic losses, even technical security risk in the introduction of talents if the candidates provide false resume, the interview does not reflect the candidate's  real professional skills, management level, and personal moral character and so on, then the candidate may not suitable for the vacancy, and in the worst place, the candidate may leave during the probation period. If the enterprises do a good job in the background investigation of the candidate before formal employment, judge from the past experience, can reduce the failure probability of employment and avoid the unnecessary losses. In addition, the background check service can also provide for the enterprise the candidate's authentic objective details. 


Employee Background Investigation Service Process:

1. Consult the related services if in need;

2, Sign a contract, pay deposit and become official business partner;

3. Start formal background check by our professional staff;

4. Investigation reports provided, which include: investigation purposes, investigation method, the respondents, investigationy content summary and the original investigation data.

5. Pay background check service fee in accordance with the contract.


Charge of Background Investigation:

1. If candidate's annual salary is below 200,000 Yuan, the service fee will be 4000 Yuan per person;

2. If candidate's anuual salary between 200,000 and 300,000 yuan, the service fee will be 5000 Yuan per person;

3. If candidate's anuual salary above 300,000 Yuan: the service fee will be 6000 Yuan per person.

This is the standard charge method, the investigation mainly contains the recent 8 years work experience and education background. If the candidate’ work experience and education background are too complex, such as with overseas education or work experience, the charge should be further discussed and increase of charge should be taken into consideration.


The details of key accounts, long-term cooperation clients charge standard, please contact: 400 699 0112 (Key Account Director: Miss Cui)  


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