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In view of the company's rapid development, we eagerly looking forward to the excellent talents to join our company, into the challenging job!

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Long-term recruiting excellent executive search consultant:

1. develop and expand the customer, understand customer potential demand;
2. communicate with customer, understand customer demand information, provide recruitment plan and plan;
3. job analysis, the detailed plan, select search channels;
4. search, interview, evaluation, screening and recommend candidates;
5. provide clients with the candidates interview arrangement, result feedback, background checks and follow-up tracking service;
6. keep and maintain customers and to be your good relationship;
7. motivation, encouragement and guidance of team work.

1. human resources management, business administration, bachelor degree or above, major in marketing or related;
2. one years experience in executive search firm or enterprise staff recruitment experience, to the talent market have a certain sensitivity and judgment;
3. have good professional ethics and professional ethics, strong sense of responsibility, good at analysis customer psychology and talent;
4. strong ability of expression and judgment ability, good communication skills and interpersonal skills, good decision-making, ability to solve complex problems, organization and coordination ability, etc.
Work location: Beijing and Shanghai
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Priority, long-term recruiting outstanding graduates, you develop into human resources recruitment specialists, just at the time of entry specific responsibilities are as follows:
1, assist the project consultant to search for online information, organize related data;
2, the mining industry for project team members with cell phone information and make a preliminary communication;

Recruiting good client development manager for a long time, job responsibilities are as follows:
1, develop potential customers, negotiate cooperation matters, etc;
2, maintain customer relationship, customer demand of transmission and reception, etc.

1, strong ability to learning and communication, good at dealing with people, good conduct, can work under high pressure, being more positive, positive.
2, normal university graduate, fluent in English, can freely communicate with clients in English.
3, headhunting company working experience is preferred.

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